AGC Installation

At Authentic Granite Creations, our main focus is to ensure that you not only receive the most information about your choice of stone, but that you are undeniably 100% happy with your new counter tops and with the service.  We can help you with all of your granite installation in Tucson.

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AGC Retail Store

Interested in accent pieces for your granite? From cutting boards, lazy Susan, and whiskey balls to table tops - Authentic Granite Creations can customize your selections!

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AGC Supply Store

Whether you are trying to maintain a stone that has been installed in your home, or if you are a fabricator needing supplies for an installation, AGC has all the supplies needed to complete your job.

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Mission Statement

At Authentic Granite Creations, we see your vision. Whether you are a client, a vendor or an employee, our hope is that we can help cultivate the realization between what was and what will be.

As our client – we want you to walk away from this experience happy that you were able to create a space that you are truly excited about. Whether it is a place of business, or your home when you come to Authentic Granite Creations, it is important to us that we put the dream that is in your mind to the reality that you see every day.

In order to become a preferred vendor of Authentic Granite Creations, we must have created a relationship. Our relationship with you is a priority. Being a family owned business, we know what it is like building a vision, and helping it grow into a beautiful thriving company. Authentic Granite Creations wants to help you achieve your goals and will always work hard to help you move forward.

One of the most important ways Authentic Granite Creations has chosen to build this company was through a sound foundation. Our foundation begins and ends with the employees. Every single one of you are an invested part of the success that we have been able to experience. Your talents, customer service and love for detail have allowed for us to build a bridge between what once was and what will be. We want you to know that your success both professionally and personally are important to us. We strive to help you become the best person that you can be.

The mission of Authentic Granite Creations is to cultivate the realization between what was and what could be. We hope that we have been able to positively affect everyone we have relationships with and that we will always continue to do so.


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Give us a call to schedule an appointment, stop on by to look at remnants, or email us with questions - whatever you choose, we can help you!